CogniWin provides a new way of working by making use of technologies to assist the learning process and book review writing service at the same time provide well-being guidance. Continuous monitoring of health parameters through an intelligent mouse and a customi-zed eye tracking tool enable real-time alerts for unwanted situations making older adults feel more secure and self-confident at work. It provides technological innovation in the crucial areas of human-computer inter-action and behavior analysis through the development of a cognitive model, embracing various cognitive characteristics of the older adults. CogniWin is easy to install on any computer without requiring any re-organization of the working place.

Four Main Services are integrated in Cogniwin:

  • Advanced monitoring: (Intelligent mouse, eye tracker): measure physiological and visual parameters using special sensors that enable data analysis in order to provide personalized support for the user.
  • Learning Assistant: provides personalized tips and advice (textual, video, audio) based on the users’ cognitive characteristics aiding them to achieve goals and improve perfor-mance.
  • Well-being Advisor: provides personalized well-being advice to prevent unwanted age related health situations effectively preserv-ing and improving their well-being status in the work environment.
  • Working Memory Support: anticipates the next task or subtask (e.g., moving the mouse to the concerned graphical area) abstract example in order to reduce cognitive overload during computer-ized activities where the working memory is highly solicited.